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Port City church is a Gospel-centered church plant coming to Norfolk, VA. We will arrive in 2023 and launch public services starting in Spring 2024. By God's grace we hope to bring the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to everyone in the city of Norfolk. We desire to be a family of believers that takes serious our biblical commitments to one another as church members and empower each other to live transformed by Jesus. Further, we desire to love our neighbors and our city and seek their and its welfare. As we grow into the future, we want to be a church that plants churches and raises up laborers to go wherever Christ is not known.

Norfolk, VA


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Tanner Hogue

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Jon Sheets

A message from our Elders

We pray, that whether you are an established follower of Jesus or if you are brand new to all things Jesus and have never set foot in a church, that Port City Church would become a family that empowers you to live the transformed life God has always intended for you to live. We all desperately need his grace individually and as a unit, and God has uniquely designed each of us to contribute to His body, His family, the church. We are honored to serve in this family and look forward to seeing how God transforms us all by His grace.



We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is central to the life of a believer. The Gospel motivates and fuels how a believer lives. The Gospel changes how a believer sees and thinks about every aspect of their life.


We believe that God saves us into his family. The church should feel like a family. Life and ministry are holistic so should our relationships with each other.


We believe that to reach a city we must be connected to the people of the city, our neighbors. We want our church family to be involved in every aspect of our city and seek its welfare.


We believe that Gospel ministry is for every member. We want to develop innovative believers in order to see a movement of the Gospel throughout the city, the country, and the world. Movements are bigger than any one church therefore we will work and pray alongside other churches in our city.



As a Christian Church, we hold to the teachings of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and find in its pages all that is necessary for salvation in Christ by grace through faith. We have compiled our core beliefs in our Confession of Faith, to read it click below.


If you are interested in taking next steps to get involved with Port City Church, then your move is membership. Membership is a big deal for Port City Church. Membership is how we know who is a part of the local church and willfully submitting themselves to its care. Membership entails many things at Port City, but at its most basic level, membership is an affirmation of one's faith in Christ and makes plain the community to which one is committed.

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